Are you ready for the biggest St. Patrick’s Day Party in San Diego? We’re excited as much as you are! We’ve prepared 3 stages of live music, green and craft beer, Irish Whiskey, Irish bands, dancers and DJs, games, photo moments and so much more. 

For more than 26 years, St. Patrick’s Day ShamROCK has been one of San Diego’s favorite traditions enjoyed by both locals and tourists. This year, we’ll be returning on the 14th of March from 2PM to Midnight drawing more than 15,000 attendees across the United States. 

Get ready to ‘Celtic rock’ with the band Young Dubliners who will be our headliner. It’s been 10 years since they’ve performed on the St. Patrick’s Day ShamROCK stage and fans are raving to see them perform live again.

You only have a few weeks left before the big day, are you ready? If not, here are a few tips to prep yourself up for the biggest block party Gaslamp has seen!

Book your accommodation – Expect a lot of drinking and partying. It’s obvious you don’t want to drive back home after the party or if you left your wallet or purse. Make sure you book your accommodation where it is accessible. We have several partner accommodations you can look into and find yourself a nice place to stay right where the party is at.

Prep your Irish Inspired Clothing – You can go subtle or go absolutely crazy with your outfit. You can even do face paint or dye your hair green. Either way, we recommend wearing something you’re comfortable with. We don’t want you to struggle with your costume. We want you to enjoy the night as much as you can so go with clothing you can rock in. Just don’t forget to add a hint of green.

Start Learning Some Irish Phrases – Get into character and learn a few Irish words and phrases. Here are a few phrases you can easily learn so that you can have a few phrases ready:

  • Craic (“Krak”) – Although it may mistakenly be heard as “crack” especially to an American audience, this is actually a harmless phrase in Irish which means “How are you?”. Best responded with “Divil a Bit” which means “Not Much”.
  • Sláinte! (“slaan-sha”) – This is the way patrons say cheers. It’s also another way to say “I drink to your health” or “For your health”.
  • Acting the maggot is a phrase used to describe someone who’s acting stupid or a fool.

Plan which Parades You want to Join in – St. Patrick’s Day Parades are known to be one of the most lavish and fun-filled activities around the world. Check the list of parades in Gaslamp, San Diego and join the celebration.

Draw a List of Bars to Visit for a Bar Crawl – Bar crawls can definitely get you in the party mood. It’s also the best excuse to get your best buds to explore Gaslamp’s bar scene.

Get that checklist and let’s get the party started! See you all on March 14 for San Diego’s biggest and best St. Patrick’s Day party.