Are you excited for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration? We’re pretty psyched too!  It’s been 26 years since we’ve started this tradition in San Diego. And this year, the biggest block party is back with over 15,000 attendees from across the United States. On top of that, experience genuine Irish revelry, drink green beer, jigging, and of course an amazing lineup of live entertainment!

If you’ve already blocked your weekend to join us at ShamROCK this March 14, here are 6 things to do for St. Patrick’s Day while waiting for the party to start.


Take Part in Parades

St. Patrick’s Day is known worldwide for its lavish parades celebrating practically everything Irish. Get out your favorite green shirt and go to the streets of Gaslamp. Festivities last way after the parade is over, so prepare for a full day of excitement!


Learn to Step Dance

If you’ve decided to join the parade, you’ve got to learn how to step dance. Most parades will showcase dancers performing the jig or stepdance. It’s not as easy as it looks to learn but it’s definitely worth a try.


Watch an Irish Film

Host a fun movie night for your friends and family featuring some of the best Irish movies to watch on St. Patrick’s Day.


Create a Special Playlist

Expose yourself to the Irish culture through music. Listen to classics or modern hits by Irish musicians. A little short on the list? You can always go on Spotify.


Learn the History Behind St. Patrick’s Day

Although today, St. Patrick’s Day is widely known as a day of partying and celebrating everything Irish, its history and background is quite on the religious side. This festivity has a history dating back for more than two centuries. 

St. Patrick’s Day started out as a religious observation to celebrate the life of Ireland’s patron saint. St. Patrick was born Maewyn Succat from in Banna Venta Berniae, a town in Roman Britain, sometime in the late 300s AD. He was captured by pirates when he was 16 years old and made a slave in Ireland. When he escaped, he was captured again by the French where he learned about monasticism. He was sent back to Britain where he continued to study about Christianity well into his twenties. He chose to go back to Ireland as a missionary to spread the word about Christianity.

Take the day to learn or teach your family and friends about Irish culture by visiting a museum or reading up on Irish literature.


Dig in to Irish Food

Whether you cook your own food or decide to visit an Irish restaurant, St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete if you are not going to eat like the Irish. Bake soda bread and dig into corned beef just like how the Irish do it. We’ve got some special offers and deals from San Diego’s finest restaurants you can visit. Check them out here

Chug down on green drinks! If you’re steering away from alcohol before the party starts, order green smoothies or mocktails. 


And of course, when you’re looking for things to do for St. Patrick’s Day, join the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in San Diego: ShamROCK.  Buy your tickets today!