The Pint Stage

Celtic Rock & Irish Punk Bands

Black Irish Texas

With Guinness fueled lyricism, BIT will navigate you between Toomy Makem, Psychobilly and a Texas two-step all in one show.

Brick Top Blagger

Armed with the energy of Celtic folk music and the power of epic punk rock, Brick Top Blaggers has been winning over die-hard fans since 2009.


Drunken Lullabies

From the green grass-roots musical influence of Irish pub-shout-alongs, all the while leaving you thirsty for more!

The McNaughstys

Here be the McNaughsty ingredients, dare to wash em down your gullet and live to tell the tale.


Downs Family

The Downs Family is an Irish, Folk-Punk band who’s influences include the Pogues, Big Country, and more. They have played with such notable bands as No Doubt, Rocket From The Crypt and more.

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